Africa 2012: An… Interlude?

So, umm. I guess I’m back home? Eleven days ago, I celebrated my birthday in Dar es Salaam. Right between a swimming pool and the Indian Ocean. And then we went to Zanzibar and I got sick and I couldn’t sleep. And six days ago, we left Zanzibar. But because I was feeling so crappy, […]

Africa 2012: We Are Here

We’re in a bit of a rush right now, but we just wanted to say that we got here okay. We’re in Tanzania now, going into Ngorongoro Crater tomorrow, and then we’re off to Dar and Zanzibar in two or three days. It’s been surprisingly chilly, but today we actually had some sunshine. As in, […]

Africa 2012: Counting Down the Days

“Ok lets do this. Please be nice, airports.” That was Kate’s tweet this morning. Well, her morning, my late afternoon. She’s off to London today, where she’ll be spending a week with our darling friend Kelly while I eagerly await her arrival (and just as eagerly wish I was there with the both of them). […]

Africa 2012: An Update

I am so excited right now that if I don’t let it out somehow, I will make myself sick. This week, darling Kate and I will finally book Africa ’12, and I’m also meeting up with a friend for health-related travel prep. I’m pretty sure I already know which vaccinations I’ll need, but it never […]

Africa 2012: Tentative Schedule

Kate & Isa’s Epic Africa Trip ’12 August/September ’12 mid- / late July → Kate arrives (after spending some time in London with Kelly) 02-03 Aug → Berlin—Nairobi 04 Aug-28 Sept → Oasis Overland Coast to Coast days 01-04: Nairobi, crossing into Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park days 05-09: Kilimanjaro, […]

2012 Update

London has been booked! 06-13 March, hell yes. Even going with Lufthansa from TXL, faaancy. But it was only a few bucks more than easyjet from SXF, and that is just a pain. What remains to be booked are tickets to The Lion King. First I wasn’t sure how to go about this (book at […]