2012 Update

London has been booked! 06-13 March, hell yes. Even going with Lufthansa from TXL, faaancy. But it was only a few bucks more than easyjet from SXF, and that is just a pain. What remains to be booked are tickets to The Lion King. First I wasn’t sure how to go about this (book at full price from home, or risk not getting good seats at half price on Leicester Square the day of the show?), but after being advised by the lovely people at Lonely Planet, I think booking in advance is the way to go.

Africa plans are still being fleshed out. So far, Oasis Overland seems to be winning (23-day Deserts & Gameparks, 35-day Delta & Dunes, or—my personal favourite—54-day Coast to Coast), although I’m also more than a little in love with Africa in Focus‘s photography tours. Decisions, decisions. Who would’ve thought booking an overlanding tour can be this complicated! And then we need to sort out passport and visa matters, vaccinations, malaria meds, buy sleeping bags and trekking equipment. Basically… Spend all the money!

Italy is officially put on hold for now. If the family situation allows it at all, we’ll talk about it more later. It’s not like we need to plan much for it, what with it being our house and all, so we really only need to pack and hop into the car. Plus, should Kate and I end up doing the Coast to Coast overlanding trek, there will simply not be enough time between two uni-terms to also go to Italy. Ah well. Can’t have everything, I suppose.

In the next few days, I think I will post photos of some of the trips I’ve taken in the past. I sadly don’t have photos for every trip, but for those that I do, I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place.

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