Africa 2012: An Update

I am so excited right now that if I don’t let it out somehow, I will make myself sick. This week, darling Kate and I will finally book Africa ’12, and I’m also meeting up with a friend for health-related travel prep. I’m pretty sure I already know which vaccinations I’ll need, but it never hurts to double-check.

Also been doing some research on what (not) to take on a trip like the one we’re planning. In the process, I’ve come across a few travel blogs that I absolutely love. I can foresee a big post just on those some time in the future. But I digress. In the next couple of months, I’ll also have to drop by one of the Globetrotter shops for a trekking backpack.

Another question that has been on my mind is the following (and yes, it’s a silly detail that shouldn’t matter, but does): How am I going to write on the trip? Both fiction and travel diary entries? The answer should be simple, either bring notebooks or bring loose sheets of paper. Pros and cons for notebooks: They’re very handy, nothing gets lost, and are just nicer to write it, but they’re also heavier, take up space necessary for other things, and if one gets lost, it’s an entire week of memories gone. Pros and cons for sheets of paper: They’re lighter, can be used for anything from writing to sitting on, and (most importantly, perhaps) they can be mailed home, but they also get lost quickly, can’t be transported as easily, and whatever I do, they won’t be as organised. Decisions, decisions. (There’s also the one about whether to bring a laptop or not. I definitely won’t bring mine, nor Kate hers, but if I knew somebody who had an old netbook they’d give me for like, fifty bucks, I’d bring that one, just so I could back up my photos whenever I need to.)

Mostly, though, can it be July now? Has anyone ever been this excited(/scared) for a trip?? It seems impossible.

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