Świnoujście 2007

8 June, 2007

Courtesy of our school, my friend Hannah and I had the chance to go to Świnoujście for a day in June 2007. We’d taken a day-trip to Poland (Szczecin) together before (sponsored by Deutsche Bahn for school newspaper writers), so we were sure we’d love it again. And we did. There wasn’t much time to do anything, really, so we just walked around and took some photos. We were told there would be a photo competition upon return (which in the end never took place), so that was our main focus, naturally. We also went to the beach to lie in the sun, and had some weird hamburger-like something. A pretty nice day, all things considered.

They do have some pretty buildings in Poland, I gotta say.

Parks and forests, too!

This is probably my very first foray into macro photography.

At the beach, maaaaybe the slightest bit bored.

The water was pretty nice, though, if still a little cold. Certainly warm enough for getting our feet wet, so-to-speak.


Some open-air concert hall, very pretty indeed.

And goodbye, Świnoujście.

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