Brussels 2007

17-18 December, 2007

Another school trip, and a very short one at that. We arrived late in the evening, went out for drinks, walked around a bit, slept, got up again, walked around some more, mostly through the modern quarter of Brussels (which isn’t very pretty at all), and then went to see NATO Headquarters, which was the main point of the entire trip. At the time, NATO was our topic in PoliSci class, and it was actually pretty cool to see their headquarters. All in all, though, it wasn’t the best trip. Far too short, and Brussels is just plain ugly, as far as we saw.

Heading out for some warm drinks.

The City Hall at night. With Christmas just a few days away, lights were hung everywhere.

The same building during the day.

Underground map! Though I don’t think we actually ended up going; instead, we just walked everywhere.

The European Commission! Another topic we covered thoroughly in class.

Modern buildings make for a fairly ugly quarter, no matter how great they’re supposed to look…

…although there is something to be said for reflecting surfaces if you have a camera at hand.

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