2014: Travel Plans

So I haven’t really been around much at all lately, but life is keeping me very busy. As are the New Zealand photos I’m still working on! But the first part of the report should finally be up some time soon. In the meantime, I wanted to talk a bit about my plans for this […]

New Zealand 2013: Weeks Three Through Five

aka, A Quick Summary Week Three: No reliable internet. Week Four: So many activities, so little time. Week Five: Finally an actual holiday. Sorry for the lack of updates, but now that I’m back home, I’ll start sorting through my DSLR photos and writing up the whole trip. You know, between Arabic classes and writing […]

New Zealand 2013: Week Two

New Zealand hasn’t been any kinder to us in our second week than it was in our first. Probably even less so. First, our ferry from the North to the South Island was delayed, which meant we missed our connection and had to wait four hours for the next bus to Nelson. Birds & Seals […]

New Zealand 2013: Week One

So far, I have seen more cows than sheep. Just to get that out of the way. A few other clichés have proven true, though. New Zealand–or what we’ve seen of it–is beautiful, no one likes Australians, and the people are almost disgustingly friendly. Cathedral Cove Walkway We’ve done quite a bit of driving on […]

New Zealand 2013: Revised Schedule

So when I said that our New Zealand schedule was ‘pretty much fixed’ now, what I meant was that a few days later, the company we had booked with would be sold to another that we had purposefully decided against, which would start a frenzy of finding alternatives; that we would eventually find InterCity and […]

New Zealand 2013: Schedule

Our trip schedule through Middle Earth New Zealand is more or less fixed now. We might change a detail here and there, but other than that, it’ll stay the way it is now. We’ve booked the tour with the lovely people over at Magic Bus. I haven’t included any of the activities in here yet […]

Lazio 2013: Surprise!

In a surprising turn of events, I’m off to Italy again this month. It was all very sudden, obviously, but ever since my nonno died in January, things have been piling up that really need sorting through. So now the boyfriend and I are accompanying my father. It’ll be the first time in nearly a […]

New Zealand 2013: Slightly Smaller, Slightly Thinner

Sooooo, a lot of things have happened lately while I’ve been ever so slowly uploading Italy and London photos. (A report from London is still coming, stay tuned!) A while ago, the boyfriend said he wanted to take one last Big Trip before starting work properly. He officially graduates in September, but as of next […]