Lazio 2013: Surprise!

In a surprising turn of events, I’m off to Italy again this month. It was all very sudden, obviously, but ever since my nonno died in January, things have been piling up that really need sorting through. So now the boyfriend and I are accompanying my father. It’ll be the first time in nearly a decade that I’ll see my Italy (i.e. Lazio), and I can’t help but wonder how things have changed. And it’ll be the first time in just as long since I’ve done the entire trip in a car. To be honest, that’s the part I’m looking forward to the most. We don’t have heating at our house, so that’s gonna be a problem, but we’ve already decided to buy two more blankets before we leave. Plus, the boyfriend has to work on his thesis while we’re there, so if the weather stays as rainy and grey as it is now, that’s fine, too. And we’re planning on spending a night in Rome. I’ve never actually spent more than a few hours there, so that should be fun.

Road trip, here I come!

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