2012: Italy & London

¡Hola amigos!

Still recuperating from Africa. I would kindly ask whatever kind of parasite I must have brought with me to get the hell out now. But while I eat rusk and drink chamomile tea all day every day, I am planning my upcoming Italy trip more.

So far, it looks like I’m going to do half-day trips to Bologna and San Marino from Rimini. It was going to be full-day trips, but then I found out we’re not staying in Rimini as long as I thought we were. But that’s okay; I don’t plan on spending much time in any of the cities anyway, I just want to check them out and see if I want to come back at some point. I was going to see some churches and whatnot in Bologna, but then I found out last night that there’s a new ice cream museum opening today. Bye bye, churches—hello, gelato!

Most likely we are going to spend a day more than I thought in Udine, which means I can definitely do my day-trip to Bled, Slovenia. I am super excited for this, although I wish I could do it in the summer instead of in late October. But at least there won’t be many other tourists around this time of year. Which is always nice.

I’m really excited, if you can’t tell. 😉

As for my past trips, I’ve finally sorted through all the photos and am slowly uploading them to my flickr. Once I’m done with that, I’ll make report posts here, but considering how many photos I took, it’s gonna take a while. I’ve been thinking about maybe getting a flickr pro account because I’m pretty close to the 200 photo ‘limit’ already, and I have about 200 photos left to upload. And that’s not even counting all those that I’ll take in Italy and London… But I really can’t afford the 20€ right now, so I guess I’ll wait. Maybe once I’m back and have found a job.

Things are really getting moving! In sort of related news, my friend Kate should be finishing our Africa trip tomorrow, and she should be back home in a few days. I’m super excited to hear everything she’s seen and done. And in less than six weeks, I get to hug my Aussies, Tiana and Michelle, in London! Woohoo!

Life is cool.

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